Pull history data for all units regularly

Posted in General by Kim Hansen Fri Dec 21 2018 10:15:48 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·2·Viewed 312 times

Do you have a way to pull history data for all units in a single request? We are looking for a way to pull the history data in our BI system every 5th minute without having to send hundreds of requests.
Trackunit API Team
Feb 21, 2019

Hi Kim

Sorry for the delay in reply. This is going to sound odd, but the work on improving the API stole focus from this forum.

Currently there is not a way to get the complete history for all units without calling for every single one.
If you can make do with current location, hour counters (and a few bits more) the /unit call will give you the full fleet.
see https://dev.trackunit.com/docs/units-collection

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