Pull or Push data?

Posted in General by Poul K. Sørensen Wed Jun 28 2017 21:59:56 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·2·Viewed 1,031 times

Is it correct that you do only provide api to pull unit information? No push service as data are coming in? Do you have any advice for appropriate request per minute for pulling information ? How often are devices sending data to your service (guessing no reason to pull more often than that at least). Any plan to provide a simple forward data service where the client can register a endpoint for which you guys will push data as it comes in? (similar to how munic.io is doing it).
Trackunit API Team
July 20, 2017

Hi Poul,

Right, we only support requests to our API currently. No sockets are in place to push information to clients.

Default unit profiles are usually between 2-3 minutes on activity, and 15 minutes when off. If you choose a number within these limits, you should be good.

As mentioned earlier, we do not have push data support enabled currently. But it's a good point, and I will see if we can get it added to the backlog.

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Poul K. Sørensen
July 20, 2017

Would make it super easy for consumers to get the data out in internal systems to do BI.

I can share how munic.io have implemented it for your backlog.

1) The enduser signs in to your developer/management page.
2) The enduser enters a url 'www.mydomain.com/data-receiver´ to a "forward data to my server" input field.
3) Your system post the raw data to this endpoint whenever it hits your server
4) the enduser system should reply to these requests with a 2xx status code and no content.

additional, some retry mechanism would be good.

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