Right value for operating hour with Report/UnitHistory

Posted in Methods by Patrick Klare Wed Jun 07 2017 15:57:30 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·2·Viewed 1,083 times

Hi, we are struggling a little bit with calculating the operating hours per day for a specific machine. So what we have done is fetching the data via UnitHistory Endpoint and afterwards we calculated the difference between the first entry of the day and the last one. Is Run1 or Run2 the right return value to determine the operating hours? Regards Patrick
Patrick Klare
June 9, 2017

Please also explain me the difference between hours and working hours in the potal utilization report. It seems that run1 are the hours. Is that correct?

Trackunit API Team
Sep 4, 2017

Hi Patrick

Sorry for the late reply.

Run1 should be the hour count for the machine.
Run2 is normally an ignition signal and could be used for looking at start and end of day.

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