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Hi I using SOAP in VS. I can not get the "GetReportUnitHistory" working! It's only "GetReportTrip" ho is giving me response. Using It sems to be that the KeyId is null. var ThisUnit = client.GetUnitBySerialNumber(SerialNumber); string MyKeyId = ThisUnit.KeyId; (Gives null) string MyId = ThisUnit.Id; (Gives an value) have you any suggestion, mvh Erling
Trackunit API Team
May 8, 2017

Hi Erling,

Thank you for contacting us regarding this question.

Looking at the Unit request here:, it states that KeyId is nullable, so my guess is that the unit you are requesting information for does simply not have this value.

Did you expect the unit to have an accesskey set?

Trackunit API Team
June 14, 2017

Marking this as solved.

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