AEMP API returning wrong fields

Posted in General by Kieron Brady Wed Jan 25 2017 09:12:20 GMT+0000 (Coordinated Universal Time)·5·Viewed 1,621 times

We are changing our implementation of TrackUnit within our product to use the AEMP api instead of the Public api and I've noticed that in the returned XML of the AEMP service, the SerialNumber xml node is populated with the ReferenceNumber of the machine and the EquipmentID xml node is populated with the Name of the machine - the actual serial number of the machine is not returned at all. Can you confirm this is the case and let me know when it will be fixed? Thanks Kieron
Kieron Brady
Feb 1, 2017

Any response to this? This is a link to what I have explained above and shows the AEMP service returning the wrong field in EquipmentID and SerialNumber -

We use the ReferenceNumber in all of our AEMP supported systems as a link back to our data, so until this is fixed, we will no longer be able to support TrackUnit (unless users swap their data around).

Dan Aaen Christiansen
Feb 21, 2017

Hi Kieron

Thank you for this feedback.
We will have a look at this and revert shortly.

Dan Christiansen

Dan Aaen Christiansen
Feb 21, 2017

Hi Kieron

We have now been digging into this, and it turned out that this a deliberate function created based on customer requests.
Sins AEMP is a limited standard with a limited amount of fields.
For a lot of customers the reference number is in fact the machine serial number ( which is more important than the Trackunit serial number for most customers), therefor it was decided that if anything is entered into the reference number field, then this number will be exposed as serial on the AEMP interface
I hope this gave you an usable answer.
Once again thanks for your feedback


Kieron Brady
Feb 22, 2017

Hi, Thanks for your feedback - this wasn't the answer I was hoping for though.

I'm not too concerned with the SerialNumber field (I was merely pointing out that it is also displaying the wrong data). The main problem we have is that you output the Name of the Equipment in the EquipmentID field - whereas the ReferenceNumber is quite clearly the ID of the Equipment and should be output in this field.

We use the EquipmentID data in all our integrations with AEMP systems so that we can identify the equipment the data is for. Our system will not work when the AEMP data doesn't return the correct data here.

Trackunit API Team
Sep 18, 2017

Thank you for this input.
No new activity has been added to this question, and there are no plans to change the current AEMP data setup from Trackunit.
Therefor we will now take liberty to close this thread.

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