Guide: Obtain access token using Postman

This page gives a step by step guide to obtain an access token using Postman. The token can be used to try out the Iris APIs.

Obtain OAuth 2.0 credentials from the Manager application.

Follow and complete step one "Obtain OAuth 2.0 credentials from the Manager application." of Access IRIS APIs.

After completing the step you have the credentials needed in Postman

Create an authentication request in Postman

Open Postman. Make sure you are on the "build" page and click "+".

Select request method "POST" and enter "" as request URL

Select the "Authorization" tab and set TYPE to "Basic Auth"

Enter your "Client ID" and "Client Secret" into "Username" and "Password"

Select the "Body" tab and pick "x-www-form-urlencoded". Add the following key/values:

  • grant_type=password
  • username=username from credentials
  • password=password from credentials

Hit "Send" and receive your access token!