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Export ISO 15143-3 (AEMP 2.0)

Our ISO Export API follows the ISO15143-3 standard. It provides fleet-wide equipment information.

To ease system integration, additional equipment metadata is available as an optional addition to the ISO standard. See "Additional Metadata"-section for further details.


Subscription requirement

The Export API is only available to customers on the Collect or Insight subscription package!


The API expose a simple XML REST interface that you can call directly using your OAuth 2.0 access token. See Access IRIS APIs for further details on how to obtain an access token.

Rate Limiting

Requests are rate limited to one request per page every 15 min. To ease development fifty unrestricted requests are available upon initial use.


The AEMP ISO 15143-3 API implements pagination as described in the ISO15143-3 standard. Response collections are limited to 100 per page. The page number of the first page is always one. Each response contains "Links", which provides navigation to self, prev, next and last page.


Additional Metadata

As an extension to the ISO standard the client can, by adding addMetadata=true as URL param, request additional metadata containing equipment related IDs used to ease system integration.



Serial Number

If the equipment's serial number is unavailable then the telematic device's serial number will be inserted into the equipment serial number field. This is subject to change in the future as we apply to the standard.

Please obtain telematic device's serial number from additional metadata to avoid being impacted by future changes.

Changes from previous version.

EquipmentID now contains "Display name" set from Manager. In the previous version EquipmentID was mapped from imported ISO 15143-feeds.

In the previous version, equipment from imported ISO 15143-feeds had their serial numbers prefixed for internal uniqueness. In the current version the serial numbers are no longer prefixed. The prefixed version of the serial number can still be found in metadata section.

Updated 11 months ago

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