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403 Access Denied from IRIS API

hello, my name is Pancheng Xue and i'm a developer in a construction company in Germany. We've used the "legacy API" of trackunit for a long time and now we want to upgrade diverse Interfaces with your new IRIS API. I followed every step from the instruction on your website (API user created, token created and so on). But i always get 403 Access Denied from the SwaggerHub with my fresh token. I've also tried the "Resource Owner Password" in Postman to get the data i want, still got 403 Access Denied. Could you find out why i'm having credential problem? My client ID: oa56l6gb63cCDbSl357 API Username: TU-API-21136-1

How we can get battery level for "SPOT" product

Hello at all, we need also the battery level of "SPOT" product to show this in our application. How can we get this? I tried out with https://api.trackunit.com/public/Unit The response do not contain battery level: Response: { "id": "1183240", "serialNumber": "1501048", "phoneNumber": "3197016153036", "vehicleType": "Machine", "deviceType": "Spot", "deviceModel": "Spot", "name": "Bomag BPR 70/70 D 101692635223", "displayName": "Bomag BPR 70/70 D 101692635223", "referenceNumber": "101692635223", "note": "Rüttelplatte Passau\nBomag BPR 70/70 D\nSN: 101692635223\nID: 100236791", "createdAt": "2018-02-09T09:53:50.9759062Z", "gpsFixTime": "2020-07-07T09:05:25.0000000Z", "messageTime": "2020-07-07T09:05:25.0000000Z", "location": { "latitude": 48.5922546386719, "longitude": 13.3857946395874 }, "altitude": 0, "heading": 0, "speed": 0, "address": { "country": "DE", "zipCode": "94036", "city": "Passau", "streetAddress": "Industriestraße 12 - Heining" }, "preRun1": 0, "preRun2": 0, "run1": 0, "run2": 0, "run3": 0, "run4": 0, "runOdo": 0, "preKm": 0, "km": 0, "input1": false, "input2": false, "input3": false, "input4": false, "input5": false, "input6": false, "input7": false, "input8": false, "input9": false, "input10": false, "output1": false, "output2": false, "output3": false, "output4": false, "output5": false, "isActive": true, "isOwn": true, "currentStop": 75942695 },

Get Units by customer

Is there a way to fetch units via classic api GetUnits endpoint by filtering by customerId? We are calling the API using the master account token, but the response includes units from all subaccounts and doesn't include the key of the subaccount that a unit belongs to. Thanks!

Idle time report

Hello, I want to know from what API can I get data to generate the same report as the "Idle time report"? I have to replicate a chart data from the "Overview" section (Activity, Parked, and Idle). Thanks

Some very basic questions

Hi, We have a customer in common. The customer wants to view data from trackunit equipped assets in our telematics platform YellowFox. We found your interface https://dev.trackunit.com/docs/trackunit-api , which seems to be usable for exactly this purpose. However, a few questions came up. We are interested in querying for historical data, like "last 7 days". Is there a chance to query multiple units at once? With your one unit per request approach, we might run into issues. We learned you apply a request limit of 1 request per 15 minutes. Did we misunderstand something here, and if not: any chance to work around this limit, like "best practices"? Thanks a lot for your help in advance. Peter Stimpel

What do you mean "Event" in Classic Unit API?

Hello, can you please tell me what you mean by the "Event"-Row in "Classic Unit API" -> "Unit History"? The note tells me "2 is a timed transmit and 6 is based on an IO Change". Nevertheless, this explanation is not sufficent for me. Greeting Christoph

Classic API delayed?

Hi, what is the difference between the actual ExtendedInformation API and the Report API? While requesting the ExtendedInformation each 10 Seconds there are often no changes in the values which are returned but requesting the the report data on the same Timeinterval we can see more changes in the ExtendedInformation. So here is the main question: Is not every changed value directly visible in the ExtendedInformation API and is it possible to prevent that while configuring the CAN-Data or do we need to update to the Streaming API to get near real time changes in the CAN-Data?


I need the hours from RunOdo, but https://iris.trackunit.com/public/api/machine/machines/142717/activity does not show any runningOdometer. When I use the Classic API (Http) it works. Do you have any issues with the newer Iris API? { "runningHours": 0.0, "runningOdometer": { "distanceUnit": "KM", "distance": 0.0 }, "timeline": { "startTime": "2020-09-16T06:45:20.246481Z", "endTime": "2020-09-17T06:45:20.2466Z", "summarizedHours": 0.0, "summarizedOdometer": { "distanceUnit": "KM", "distance": 0.0 } } } User: 21707 Email: [email protected]

How can I get former (historical) data of key IDs that are not shown anymore?

Hello dear Trackunit API Team, tech support asked me to post my question here. A customer is doing a research about machine usage, with access control. He found a few key ids, which I cannot find in the api. These are the key ids, the "company name" and the "name" (mostly a number) are needed: 310524 SXF 310536 SXF 314211 SXF 341899 SXF 341900 SXF 341903 SXF 341905 SXF 365115 TXL The method I use, (probably there is a better way, then please please tell me  ) is using the following queries with account tokens SXF: (Account “SXF – WRS BB”) https://api.trackunit.com/public/Key?token=token_not_posted_here&format=xml TXL: (Account “TXL – WGST”) https://api.trackunit.com/public/Key?token=will_provide_tokens by email_if_needed&format=xml There I look up the name and company name, for my customer <Key> <CompanyName>*****SXF WRS******</CompanyName> <Email i:nil="true"/> <EmployeeNumber/> <ExpirationDate i:nil="true"/> <Groups xmlns:d4p1="http://schemas.microsoft.com/2003/10/Serialization/Arrays"> <d4p1:string>31969</d4p1:string> </Groups> <Id>341904</Id> <IsAdmin>false</IsAdmin> <KeyExpire>0sec</KeyExpire> <KeyValid>30sec</KeyValid> <Mobile i:nil="true"/> <Name>********3846400902*********</Name> <Note/> <Phone i:nil="true"/> <SerialNumber>E5436B8600000000</SerialNumber> <Units xmlns:d4p1="http://schemas.microsoft.com/2003/10/Serialization/Arrays"/> </Key> If I had to guess, I would say that the keys no longer exist, so I can't find them in the live query. Or something about the accounts that I just don't see them? Is there a way of retrieving old key data? Thanks very much in advance for Your help :) Cheers, Kai

How to Get Unit Operating and Idle Hours Per Hours within a Specific Date Range.