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Internal Server Error


I am trying to request https://api.trackunit.com/public/Report/UnitExtendedInfo and https://api.trackunit.com/public/Report/UnitActiveFaults.

In both cases I get the response '500 Internal Server Error' without any further information.

What I know is the following:
The request for https://api.trackunit.com/public/Report/UnitHistory works fine.
I am using the same API key for all requests.
The parameters are (probably) valid because I can provoke a Missing Parameter, Invalid UnitId and Invalid DateTime combination error.

I suspect an authorization issue because I can provoke an internal server error by appending a letter to the API Key when requesting UnitHistory.

This would mean something is wrong with the API key I use to request ExtendeInfo/ActiveFaults but I am using the exact same one I use for History. Is Authorization handled differently for these 2 requests?

Some leads on where to start troubleshooting would be highly appreciated.

Best Regards,